Designed by Americans, The Shotgunit™ redefines how we “shotgun” our favorite beverage.  Shotgunit™ is a new product and there is nothing like it on the market!  It is small enough to carry in your pocket or you can wear it around your neck on beads. Using a key to punch a hole in a can cuts fingers and ruins keys.

Now with Shotgunit™, it’s more fun but most important it’s safer.



The Shotgunit™ is the trademarked creation of Ventioneer, L.L.C, a Florida-based American owned company founded by experienced retail entrepreneur Britta Tschiggfrey. She worked closely with a senior fabrication design engineer to prototype a visually appealing, lip-shaped device made of FDA-approved plastic. The beveled punch shaft safely punctures a standard-sized beverage can, allowing spill-proof enjoyment without injuries or any metal shards. Its engineered interior ring around the shaft eliminates dripping when properly installed. The Shotgunit™ measurements are 2” x 1 ½” x 1”, it also includes a small loop for attachment to a key ring or party beads for convenience and reuse. A design patent is pending.


The Shotgunit™ are individually packaged and shrink-wrapped onto a 3 3/8” x 5” card for compact vertical display on a countertop hanger bar and on Beads. The front face design is visually appealing and illustrative of the product’s use. Easy-to-follow instructions and the product barcode are on the back.